Estimated Time of Arrival Calculation


Short description


ETA Calculation is not enabled by default. To activate it, the user have to send both a pathWaypoint and ETACalculationOptions.

Detailed Consideration

To update the time of arrival of a vehicle, The PTV xRoute service requires the current route that the driver is following (contained in the pathWaypoint) and the current vehicle position (contained in the etaCalculationOptions).

Path Waypoint

PathWaypoint is a type of InputWaypoint that contain an EncodedPath. The encodedPath of a route can be requested with the encodedPath result field. It contains all route-related information previously calculated. It will be used to update arrival time according to the current vehicle position.

ETA Calculation Options

ETACalculationOptions is part of RouteOptions. It contains all data relevant to the calculation of the estimated time of arrival.
The VehiclePosition contains all vehicle-related information. There are two types of vehicle positions that describe the actual state of the vehicle: PositionEnRoute and PositionAtStop.

Position en route

The PositionEnRoute describes states where vehicles are driving. It contains 4 fields:

Position at stop

The PositionAtStop describes the state where the vehicle is located on a waypoint. In this VehiclePosition, the vehicle does not drive and is performing service time. This way, it is required to specify the status of the service at this waypoint. In order to do that, the user must send one of the three ServiceStatus:
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