Calculating reachable locations and areas

This article discusses the use case of calculating reachable locations. Reachable locations are usefull for use cases like dealer search (detect position of dealers in a given radius) and corridor search (find points of interest around a given routeClosed A route corresponds to a path of a vehicle through the underlying transport network. The main attributes of a route are the distance and the time that the vehicle travels along the path.).


Thanks to this feature, the user can plan which locations are reachable from a position or a route. This can be used, for example, to check if point of interests such as petrol stations or hotels along an itinerary are reachable within a certain distance or period.


Check if the following prerequisites are fulfilled before you start with the use case.

  • Installed and licensed PTV xRoute and xMap services.

Programming Guide

The user needs to fill a ReachableLocationsRequest:

How to check which stores are within range of a truck's position.

How to check which petrol stations are reachable from a planned truck route.

How to calculate different reachable areas all starting at the same place.

How to calculate a corridor around a planned truck route.

How to retrieve segments reached during corridor search around a planned truck route.

How to find and display the string formed by the predecessors index. It allows the user to know where to leave the road and which way to go to reach the position (outbound case).

How to retrieve segments reached during corridor search around a planned truck route, and create a custom feature layer with those segments. In this example, we try to block the segments reached during the calculateReachableAreas calculation.

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