The profile namespace contains the RequestProfile type.


Defines the root type for request profiles. It contains all available profiles and holds global parameters like language settings.

Field Name Type Required Default Since Description
vehicleProfile VehicleProfile no - 2.0 The vehicle profile.
featureLayerProfile FeatureLayerProfile no - 2.0 The Feature Layer profile.
routingProfile RoutingProfile no - 2.0 The routing profile.
renderingProfile RenderingProfile no - 2.10 The rendering profile.
clusterPlanningProfile ClusterPlanningProfile no - 2.1 The cluster planning profile.
mapLanguage LanguageCode (String) no x-ptv-DFT 2.0 The language used for geographic names that are part of the map. The default x-ptv-DFT means that names are given in the language spoken in that country or region.
userLanguage LanguageCode (String) no en 2.0 The language of texts such as maneuver or traffic-incident descriptions. If the specified language is not supported, the following fallback languages are used: First, if subtags are present, the primary language is used. Second, English is used. As an example pt-BR → pt → en. The language of geographic names can be set by the field mapLanguage. As an example the description of a maneuver should be readable by the user but city names which can be found on local signs should be available in that language in order to be recognized.